Work Family Balance

Work Family Balance

Managing the competing and conflicting demands of our working lives and our family lives is a difficult balancing act.

How Many Hats Do You Wear?

We all, in today’s world, wear many different hats which serve to simultaneously both enrich and complicate our lives:

  • Employee, manager, business owner
  • Wife, husband
  • Father, mother
  • Daughter, son
  • Grandparent
  • Friend etc.

Finding enough energy and time to be able to fulfil our many roles (as well as looking after our own physical and emotional health!) is fraught with challenge and necessary compromise.

Seeking the support and guidance of a psychologist in meeting your particular challenge may be useful in helping you to take more productive steps towards clarifying the nature and scope of your various life and professional roles; problem solving, managing and resolving the tension, conflict and competing demands between these life roles (problem-focussed strategies), and developing a greater emotional resilience and acceptance of any logistical, physical and emotional limitations imposed on us (emotion-focussed strategies).